About Meg

As a child growing up in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, I knew very little about my grandmother from Boston. The only item I had of hers was a small yellow jewelry box. The box was filled with sparkly necklaces, brooches and clip-on earrings, a child’s dream. I draped myself in her jewels and pretended I lived in a different age. The personal story of a woman I'd never met came together for me when I imagined how she must have looked and felt in her jewelry. 

I’ve learned that every woman has a story to tell. Our stories rise out of our life experiences, from our moods, to our family histories and our travels. A woman's jewelry helps share her story with the world. 

My story is heavily influenced by memories of the places that mean the most to me: India, with the bursting magenta and mustard yellow of a flowing sari; Maine, where cobalt blue waves crash on granite ledges; and Tuscany, with its golden wheat fields.  These far-flung locales, colors, and textures tell my story and inspire my timeless designs, which would be equally appropriate accents for a woman bundled in wool, watching the sunset on a frosty hill, or for a best friend, mother, or bride, holding a champagne flute aloft at a wedding.

I work with my clients to create the perfect piece of jewelry. Each piece of Meg Hannan Designs jewelry is designed and proudly constructed by me in the U.S.A. The materials are a combination of vintage and contemporary elements, sterling silver and 14k gold-filled findings, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and any other natural materials that inspire me... and hopefully you.

"Pearls are always appropriate" -Jacqueline Kennedy


Photo by Meredith Montague Photography.